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CDACC formed in 2015.

In response to the need for an organized response to local court and prosecution policies, in the interest of the accused, a large group of local defense attorneys got together in 2015 to form our non-profit organization.  CDACC holds monthly meetings for members, provides input into local court and criminal law policy questions, provides a forum for its members to exchange information and resources, and we are working on providing ongoing legal education seminars at an affordable rate.


- Louis Byrd, President

- Christopher Ramsey, First Vice President

- Nicole Dalton, Second Vice President

- Diane Grecco, Secretary

- Jacy Thayer, Treasurer

CDACC’s Members as of February 2016

Aaron Ritchie, Andrew Wheeler, Angus Lee, Becky Pettis, Bob Yoseph, Brandy Jeffers, Brian Parker, Chris Ramsay, Christina Phelan, Christopher Dumm, Christy Emrich, Darcy Scholts, Darquise Cloutier, Dave McDonald, Diane Grecco, Edward Dunkerly, Erin Mcaleer, Gerald Wear, Grant Cole, Gregg Schile, Heather Carroll, Jack Green, Jack Peterson, Jacy Thayer, James Sowder, Jason Bailes, John Terry, Josephine Townsend, Louis Byrd, Maggie Smith Evansen, Mark Muenster, Mary Kay Gaffney, Matt Hoff, Matthew Philbrook, Neil Cane, Nicole Dalton, Robert Vukanovich, Sean Downs, Shon Bogar, Steve Thayer, Steven Rucker, Therese Lavallee, Todd Pascoe, Tom Phelan

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